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Eight classic poems about the city of Oxford Oxford has been home to a number of poets, and has educated far more. Some of them have seen fit to celebrate the city of Oxford in their poetry – below are eight of the finest Oxford poems in all of English literature. Matthew Arnold, Thyrsis. This […]

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Location of Friars in Hell

‘Hold up thy tail thy Satanas’ said he
‘Show forth thine arse the friar see
Where is the nest of the friars in this place!’
And ere that half furlong way of space
Right so as bees come swarming from the hive,
Out of the devil’s arse began to drive
Twenty thousand friars in a route.
And throughout hell they swarmed all about
And came again as fast ad they may gone
And in his arse they crept in every John!

The Summoner’s Prologue
Geoffrey Chaucer


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