Number Seven

(Editor – I as behind on posting the last one of this series. Part Two is still in the processing stage.)

I have made it to day seven. I am so grateful. I admit to editing and aligning things. I do not think anyone is going to care. Divine does not care, in fact, she is somewhat relieved that there are some corrections done. I cannot go too far, as the reputation of randomness needs to remain.

Melville seems to like the story, so far. When you hear your name repeated many times and it not followed by “get away from there, you fill-in-the-blank,” I am sure you would not mind being made famous in a short little story. As mentioned previously, ten minutes is not always enough time or sometimes too much. It is like filling a conversation at your partner’s workplace Christmas party. Don’t get me wrong, Divine’s co-workers are amazing; until the lights come on. I discovered it is not best to mention a dislike to wild rice to a person whose brother is a farmer of such a plant.


Author: Wendalynn Donnan

Looking to make sense of the nonsense in my head. Thinking this is a great place to start.

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