Number Four

I did not mention Jolene is married. She has been married to Dustin (a fine name for a baby born in the mid-1970s) since June 1999. I think they chose 1999 as it was a good year to party like. Apparently.

Dustin and Jolene have chosen not to have children or pets. Plants are a for-sure-on-that. Don’t tell the plants they are replacements for small humans and fuzzy animals, this would ruin their chakra. Divine and I have considered adoption of a dog. The only problem we are finding is telling people who get all soppy that neither of us is going to be mums to a, and I quote, fur baby. With our luck, it will look like me.

Divine and I are converting to vegetarianism, yet we still don’t know what to do about our dog. Well, Divine has next week off, she will do the research. I may have to do some as well, as I will most likely be the one to get my hands all vegged up.

Author: Wendalynn Donnan

Looking to make sense of the nonsense in my head. Thinking this is a great place to start.

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